Note: WebGL build is the post-jam version with bug fixes and minor UX, aesthetic and balance improvements.
Download original builds to play the jam version of the game.


An alchemist-like game about a god who got locked on an empty planet after an unsuccessful mutation of its inhabitants which got the planet’s life wiped out. You need to get out of the planet and reunite with the cosmos. You can do it by developing the planet’s life through mutation of whatever is available there to a point where it can leave the planet.



  • Hold the left mouse button to drag elements.
  • Put different elements on top of each other to prepare them for mutation.
  • Press the Time Travel button to start the evolution.
  • Study the journal reports to keep track of discovered mutations.

* Currently the game only has recipes with two inputs and one output. Whenever more than two elements are put together, the mutation won't happen even if two of them match a recipe. Make sure not to combine more than two elements at a time!

** Currently the game only has two endings. Try to find both of them.

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The font Coming Soon was developed by Open Window at and used under the free license.

The Click, Drop and Time Travel sound effects were created based on sound effects taken from and used under the free license.

The soundtrack was composed by Mykola Herasymovych during the jam. Check more tracks at

All the rest of the contents were developed from scratch during the game jam by Mykola Herasymovych (game design, coding, sound, art) and Halyna Oros (art, playtesting).

Tools used:

  • Unity3D
  • Krita
  • FL Studio
  • Audacity


Improvements in the Post Jam update of the game:

  • Fixed bug where one item mutated into multiple items in one time travel run.
  • Fixed issue where an item was only used in mutation if it was colliding with less than 2 other items.
  • Added Mutations tab to the Journal where all discovered mutations are shown and hints about undiscovered mutations can be taken.
  • Added minor aesthetic improvements like fading in/out of elements, "New mutation discovered!" popup, and a delay between time travel and journal opening.
  • Slightly adjusted max age of elements to remove some of them from the world faster and keep the screen cleaner.

WebGL build is the post jam version. Download original builds to play the jam version of the game.


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