Life is tough. You need money to do anything. Reaching financial freedom is extremely challenging.

You are an indebted piggy bank with a couple of cents in your pocket. Useless expenses and countless bills don’t let you get to investment opportunities and financial literacy. You have never been so far away from your dream of having 1000 coins deposited on your bank account. Or have you?

Use what’s left in your pockets to throw it in da face of pointless spending or avoid it all the way. But be carefull not to end up with empty pockets, since your life is literally money. Catch profitable investment opportunities to refill your budget. Borrow from the bank under crazy interest rates to prolong your suffering. Put your tough-earned coins on a deposit account to make them work for you while you are chilling around (and try not to waste money on useless stuff meanwhile). Any strategy counts as long as it puts you out of financial misery. Life stuff, huh?

But really, the game is a combination of a space shooter-like and a financial simulator. Simple to get on track, hard to master.

In game you have two kinds of resources: cash (money) and bank account balance. You can freely move money between them, but keep in mind that negative bank balance will constantly drain your cash based on credit interest rate, while positive bank balance will add to your cash according to deposit interest rate.

It’s okay to have negative bank balance as long as you can sustain it, but if your cash drops to zero - the game is over. That’s life. On the other hand, you win when you can live of your interest, that is when your bank account deposit reaches 1000 coins. Get the highest score among your friends by sustaining the largest cash amount.

Wastefull expenses and countless invoices (redish stuff) will try to absorb you. But you can shoot your cash at it and who knows what useful things they might drop back. Collect investment opportunities and dollar bills (greenish stuff) to refill your cash.

The game difficulty adapts to your game progress and style of playing. See if you can uncover all the relationships and how the system works.


move - arrows or WASD

shoot - space or left mouse button

borrow money from the bank - left alt or right mouse button

deposit money to the bank - left ctrl

pause / manual - esc


The font was developed by Jakob Fischer at and used under the free license.

All the rest of the contents were developed from scratch during the game jam by Mykola Herasymovych.


In case the web version doesn’t work in Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox.


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