Make your pet happy by moving!

The less you move - the sadder it gets.

The more you're trying to catch it - the happier it is.

Make your pet super happy by patting it. But if there is too much distance between you and your pet - U Can't Touch It! You need to catch up to it first.

The intent was to make a mobile game with GPS and real-world map streaming but for the jam we stuck to a PC version. Use the controls below but imagine that you're running in a real-world!


  • Space to run
  • Left mouse click to pat
  • Return to pause/unpause


  • raunok - idea generation, bizdev, research, assets search.
  • b0mbad1l - idea generation, game design, research, UI and logo design.
  • NihaiLahmac - game design, programming.
  • Erich Brutus - art.
  • mykola - idea generation, game design, programming.

Some open source assets were used, such as:

Everything else was developed from scratch by the team.


Enjoy the game and thank you for playing!

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